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[looper's] OT- RE: Tony Blair -- closet looper????

Title: [looper's] OT- RE: Tony Blair -- closet looper????

>>Please send British Prime Minister, Mr. Tony Blair, a Black Les Paul and a
complimentary EDP so that he can follow in the cross-picking footsteps of
the guitarist he admires so well.<<

first of all, I'm pretty sure he's a confirmed fender-man, and the weight of a decent arch-top LP, in addition to the burden of running the country and bringing up young children might be too much. further evidence of the first statement is that the most recent blair junior was christened "leo".

second, why should this clot have cool toys for free when we have to pay for them?
third, british politics is repetitive and iterative enough without they start looping their speeches electronically.

but it sort of makes sense that he should like C21SM of all the crimson tracks, since that's what he seems determined to turn us all into!

carrying the strat into 10 downing street was surely a post-clinton friend-of-the-ordinary-people stunt, designed to attract the youth vote. I'll believe it when I see him showing off his chops in the dublin castle, and not a minute earlier. :-)



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