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Re: Very Good News!!!!!! Looping software!!! Come On !!!

on 14/5/03 7:23 pm, Richard Zvonar at zvonar@zvonar.com wrote:

> As we do this I think it's important to consider matters of
> coherence, tradition, design philosophy, etc. as they might apply to
> product development. PSP has begun to develop a product line based on
> emulations of classic analog and pre-DSP processors (cf.
> VintageWarmer), and their delay products have the blessing of
> Lexicon. It would make sense to pursue development in an organic way
> that builds on the Lexicon Prime Time/PCM-42 tradition, rather than
> (e.g.) create an EDP emulation. That's not to say they should avoid
> picking up ideas from other branches of the looping/sampling
> evolutionary tree, but that it might best be done in an incremental
> and connected way.
I agree if you want an EDP u can buy one, the psp42 has the potential to
develop in a different and thus thoroughly useful way. For example I would
be very content to use a psp42 with gary hall's upgrade options 
for example the fact its sync-able to the host application and you can run
as many plug-ins as you like is enough of an upgrade to keep me happy for
A stable, brilliant sounding software looper.
That is enough of an achievement right there!
The Laptop looper it about to arrive, the only issue perhaps now being the
best way to host it for live use.

Perhaps someone will create a max/msp patch that allows u to run 8 psp42's
and switch the same audio input between them without glitching. That would
be the final piece in the puzzle.