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Re: Live processing w/ plugins (Was: Re: Very Good News!!!!!!Looping software!!! Come On !!!)

on 14/5/03 7:51 pm, dcoffin@taunton.com at dcoffin@taunton.com wrote:

> This news from PSP is very exciting....and I feel very secure knowing 
> Dr. Z, et.al. are going to contribute ideas.
> I'd like to start a related thread about using computers and plugins as
> real-time processors of live audio. The PSP "Lexicons" are ideal for
> inserting into apps like Bias' VBox and tc Spark's FX Machine, both of
> which have given me very acceptable latency  for live guitar processing 
> OSX. What seems to me to be missing is a really rich soft-structure for
> hosting plugins. I want to see a plug-in shell that accepts MIDI
> controllers and offers a mod matrix and built-in modulators, like LFOs,
> envelops, and even timelines with graphical editing, available to all
> plugin and routing parameters, streamlined for live audio use, not 
>within a
> sequencer. We seem to be on the verge of this, with programs like the 
> I mentioned, plus Live and RTPlayer...but no one that I'm aware of has
> brought it all together...maybe PSP would be interested?
> Comments?
> David
Agreed however i would only require a virtual rack that enabled me to
redirect the audio input via a midi controller, nothing more.
I think I remember per boysen mentioning that he had done this in Max/Msp.