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Re: EFC-7 vs. FCB-1010

Actually, the 1010 has a cool feature where it can provide a tap function for units that don't have one -- you can set it up to provide a delay time CC message (I think that's right) based on taps from one of it's buttons.

And, yes, you can set up separate pages of ten presets each, and my understanding is (I just got it) that you can assign the foot controllers per preset. So far, I haven't gotten them to talk to an ancient quadraverb I've been goofing around with. I haven't tried it with the EDP, and I'm not sure I will -- I really like (and am very used to) the simplicity of the EFC-7. But when I get the Loop 4 upgrade I just ordered (where are you, Kim Flint?) I may have to change my mind. (I actually bought it to help manage my synths, but I'm waiting for my new controller to arrive.)

The 1010 does seem to me to be heavy and large, and there's the matter of memorizing what the buttons you've programmed actually do (as against one dedicated button per function). But in my case, I suspect I'll be forced to move to it just to keep my floor space needs reasonable. I'd actually love to hear how 1010 users have arranged their EDP (and other) buttons.

> 1.  On the FCB-1010, can I set up one bank to control all of the basic EDP
> functions, another bank to control an MPX-200(including setting up a
> tap-tempo), and another bank to switch presets on an Adrenalinn?  If I
> can do all of this from one pedal with out having to power it
> down(reference to David's problems with the FCB-1010), I think I might go
> with the 1010.
> Thanks so much,
> John
> www.johnmazzarella.com