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GP100 Tap delay triggering with the FCB-1010

I asked a while ago if anybody figured out how to
trigger the delay tap function of the roland GP100
guitar effecs proccesor with the FCB1010 and havenīt
gotten any answer.Iīve tried everything and it is
strange because all of the other units i own work with
my FCB1010.It worked with the PMC10 but it could send
note on/off which the GP100 requires.
Anybody outhere using this 2 units?

--- Kelly Coyle <kellycoyle@earthlink.net> wrote:

Actually, the 1010 has a cool feature where it can
provide a tap function for units that don't have one
-- you can set it up to provide a delay time CC
message (I think that's right) based on taps from one
of it's buttons.


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