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Re: EFC-7 vs. FCB-1010

  Kelly, I have my FCB banks layed out as follows.

Main bank, bank 1

pedal 1 sus record
pedal 2 sus replace
pedal 3 sus unrounded insert
pedal 4 reverse
pedal 5 retrigger
pedal 6 overdub
pedal 7 sus unrounded  multiply
pedal 8 long undo
pedal 9 multiply
pedal 10 next loop

bank 10

pedal 1 record
pedal 2 sus overdub
pedal 3 sus replace
pedal 4 sus half speed

Note:   depending on whether the EDP is in full speed or half speed, this
function changes.   If it's in full speed, the pedal switches it to half
speed while held, and if the EDP is in half speed, the pedal switches it
into full speed while held.  

pedal 5 sus next loop
pedal 6 loop 1
pedal 7 loop 2
pedal 8 loop 3
pedal 9 full speed
pedal 10 half speed

banks 2 and 3 consist mainly of preset calls, and less obvious functions
like setting the start point, standard undo, mute and reset.  
  anyway, -hope this makes some  sense and gives ya some good ideas...   




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