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Re: Live Performance Hardware Looping Equipment Question - Need Help

Hi bIz,

Well, I use Live while composing a song.  Ususally VST32 with Live running
as a slave.  Great program!

I would rather not take a computer on stage.  Cubase and Live have crashed
or locked up sooooo many times.  And, I have a fairly powerful computer!



At 06:02 PM 5/17/03 -0700, you wrote:
>You mean like ableton's Live program?
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>Inn lounge singer hardly wows me technically or talent wise, and I could 
>better with a cassette deck and a microphone."
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>Subject: Live Performance Hardware Looping Equipment Question - Need Help
>> Hi,
>> I want to begin performing some of my music live.
>> I'm looking for a Very Stable machine/unit/box that I can load/record my
>> VST32/SX songs into and play live with a drummer and bass player.
>> Here's the hard part, it seems.  I want to establish one or more loop
>> points in each song that I can trigger (preferably via midi) so that a
>> particular piece of the song will seamlessly loop until I give the 
>> to stop looping and continue playing thru the song.
>> I've talked to Tascam, Yamaha and Roland.  They say they don't have
>> anything that will do something that is such a no-brainer for Cubase and
>> other sofware programs.  I just want to loop certain pre-determined 
>> of song - seamlessly - glitch free.  Is that too much to ask?  I hope 
>> I don't want to use Cubase because it's not stable for a live
>performance -
>> imo.  Too scary for me!
>> Any ideas?
>> Thanks!
>> M...
>> Btw, someone has mentioned the Roland CDX-1, but I can't find the manual
>> the web.