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Re: Live Performance Hardware Looping Equipment Question - Need Help


    Man, I wish Sonar worked like that.  I'm using a sequencer called "MIDI
Maestro" (www.midimaestro.com) to do what you're talking about live (having
certain sections in the song that loop until I send the sequence a message
to continue).  I guess I would rather use dedicated hardware for this job
though, if I could find something that would do it.  It would be nice if 
medium I compose in -- Sonar -- was capable of this, as I will be taking my
PC out anyway to use as a standalone Kontakt sampler.  It's kind of
ridiculous that it's not.  Oh well.  Maybe in a future release.  Anyway, I
have a great deal of interest in this thread, because I'm looking for the
same thing.  Not the MPC style of breaking the song into sections and
triggering them from pads.  Just one long MIDI file that has pointers in it
for looped parts.

    I have thought about using a sampler like Bill suggested on LD.  An 
S6000 can have 256MB of memory, which means about 25 minutes worth of 
audio.  BUT, if you want to have one instrument that you can dynamically
mute and/or effect, then you would have to have it as a seperate sample, so
your time would go down to 12.5 minutes.  If you want several instruments
(samples) to be able to control independently, then your sample time
continues to be reduced.  I don't think this is the answer for what it is 
both seem to want.


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> Hi Bill,
> Thanks.  I am hoping to find a unit that works sort of like cubase in a
> hardware form:  the song is completely composed and recorded with loop
> points positioned in parts of the song.  To loop a part, i simply tell 
> unit to loop that part.  When i tell the unit to stop looping, the song
> then continues - as it would in cubase or another software program.
> I'm very accustomed to working with a variety of software programs.  
> the hardware world - for this type of application - hasn't really caught
> up, or functions very differently.
> A sampler may work, but some of the songs are 20 minutes long.  May be a
> RAM issue with the sampler.
> I do know that Cirque du Soliel works this way, but the samples are 
> sort intros, rather than long songs.
> Michael