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Re: Live Performance Hardware Looping Equipment Question - Need Help

  Jesse, the groove boxes are capable of doing this.  I suppose it depends
on how long you'd like your looped parts to be though.  I think all of the
G-boxes except for the 909 have a 32 measure limit on pattern length.  You
can either call different loops via the keyboard pads or step through 
  I know it isn't one midi file with markers, but if I'm hearing you
correctly, you should be able to accomplish the same thing, or very
similar.  -Hope this helps...  



At 10:13 AM 5/18/03 -0600, you wrote:
>    Man, I wish Sonar worked like that.  I'm using a sequencer called 
>Maestro" (www.midimaestro.com) to do what you're talking about live 
>certain sections in the song that loop until I send the sequence a message
>to continue).  I guess I would rather use dedicated hardware for this job
>though, if I could find something that would do it.  It would be nice if 
>medium I compose in -- Sonar -- was capable of this, as I will be taking 
>PC out anyway to use as a standalone Kontakt sampler.  It's kind of
>ridiculous that it's not.  Oh well.  Maybe in a future release.  Anyway, I
>have a great deal of interest in this thread, because I'm looking for the
>same thing.  Not the MPC style of breaking the song into sections and
>triggering them from pads.  Just one long MIDI file that has pointers in 
>for looped parts.
>    I have thought about using a sampler like Bill suggested on LD.  An 
>S6000 can have 256MB of memory, which means about 25 minutes worth of 
>audio.  BUT, if you want to have one instrument that you can dynamically
>mute and/or effect, then you would have to have it as a seperate sample, 
>your time would go down to 12.5 minutes.  If you want several instruments
>(samples) to be able to control independently, then your sample time
>continues to be reduced.  I don't think this is the answer for what it is 
>both seem to want.
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>> Hi Bill,
>> Thanks.  I am hoping to find a unit that works sort of like cubase in a
>> hardware form:  the song is completely composed and recorded with loop
>> points positioned in parts of the song.  To loop a part, i simply tell 
>> unit to loop that part.  When i tell the unit to stop looping, the song
>> then continues - as it would in cubase or another software program.
>> I'm very accustomed to working with a variety of software programs.  
>> the hardware world - for this type of application - hasn't really caught
>> up, or functions very differently.
>> A sampler may work, but some of the songs are 20 minutes long.  May be a
>> RAM issue with the sampler.
>> I do know that Cirque du Soliel works this way, but the samples are 
>> sort intros, rather than long songs.
>> Michael


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