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Re: Live Performance Hardware Looping Equipment Question - Need Help


    With my current setup I'm using computers to do this, but trying to
distribute the activities to minimize the chance of crashes.  That is, I'm
using one computer for sample playback, and another for sequencing.  So, 
the sequencer (laptop) does is dump MIDI sequencer data and MIDI clock out
its USB MIDI interface.  All the sampler (desktop in a rackmount chassis)
does is run NI Kontakt and listen for instructions.  Seems to work...  But 
don't know about the stability of Cubase on your particular hardware setup.
I've also done all the tweaks and optimizations at http://www.musicxp.net,
which seem to have made things run smoother.

    Definitely get a power conditioner, and possibly a UPS if you're going
to take your PC(s) out on gigs though.  When the fuse blows because they 
the whole stage off one outlet and 15amp breaker, you'll be glad you've got
those 30 seconds to turn your shit off the right way.  Heaven forbid you
take a Linux box and it forces you to fsck the whole 80GB filesystem while
the audience waits.  Get your jokes ready...


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> Hi Jesse,
> Agreed.
> I have an Akai S3000XL that has been dormant in my rack for years.  I
> I maxed it out at an astounding 32 Meg.
> I wish a sampler was the answer.
> Didn't realize that the hardware side of the coin was so different than
> software realm.
> I tried one of the expensive Yamaha studio in a box recently.  It did
> but had about a 1 second downtime to reset and begin again.  Duh.  Can't
> the developers do any better than that?
> Anyway, my quest continues.
> Need help, please!
> Anyone have a source of the pdf manual for the Roland CDX-1 on the web?
> Thanks,
> Michael