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Re: Master and slave

> I believe the repeater 'rounds' to the nearest beat for many button
> when you sync to MIDI.  Could this be it?

I'm talking about the timing when defining the initial loop length.  Its a
pretty subtle difference, but I think the repeater has some tiny amount of
delay (15ms or so) after you press record for a second time and when it
starts playing back.  I've noticed this sometimes.  Also it is my belief
that the repeater has some small amount of variance in the time response to
a button press.  The EDP has a very steady latency, which makes any timing
intensive stuff very predictable.

Basically I'm trying to explain to myself why I can trigger a smooth
rhythmic loop 9 times out of 10 on the EDP/FCB1010, and only 5 out of 10 on
the Repeater/FCB1010 (approximation...)

One other thing -  I am commonly triggering the record button with my left
hand while I play drums.  The EDP's buttons are really good for timing
intensive presses.  The repeater buttons look nice and all, but the throw 
really tricky to get a good timing out of.  Anyone else notice this?  Yes,
I'm being pretty picky, but I still love my repeater...