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Re: Trivial Question for UK Folks

Thomann music 
Online german retailer
strings from about 2 a set
guitar leads about 1.50
volume pedals about 13
prices are from my vague memory but are approx right.
I put in a big order once a year to get around the postage cost.

on 21/5/03 9:33 am, Steve Goodman at spgoodman@earthlight.net wrote:

> Hi kids,
> In anticipation of prices for some things being exhorbitant over here I
> brought spare supplies - in this case - of guitar strings, when I moved 
> in 2000.  Is looking for new strings going to be as complicated a search 
> was my wall warts/transformer search was?  Should I expect to pay a
> surcharge on electric strings from the US, or am I sentenced to 
> lower-cost ones from some bizarre sector of the world not yet 
> My last fourth broke last night, and I thought I'd ask those who really 
> here, before I end up finding that I have to go to a particular section 
> London to get good [spit] "value for money" as they're so fond of saying 
> adverts here...?  Thanks.
> Steve Goodman
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