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OT: state

Well, ultimately, I guess you'd have to blame it on the genetically mutated
strain of wheat (the husks were too strong to allow the seeds to fall
without threshing) which would have died out if it had not become the basis
of agriculture in the middle east way back when and started this whole
civilisation thing with its imaginary boundaries and laws and what not ...

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> > I play better when I am in
> > this state
> I play best in California, but Michigan will have to do.
> Ahhhahahhahhaaaa, get it? State...? Californ...fergetit.
> Alas, why get stoned? Alas, getting stoned is lame. Alas, pot
> makes people high? Why? Why do people get high? What's the
> attraction? Day after day, alone on a hill, the man with a foolish
> grin is keeping perfectly still, but nobody wants to know him,
> they can see that he's just a fool...but the fool on the
> hill...sees the world spinning 'round...
> pot pot pot, why is pot so incredibly popular? Why is it illegal?
> Why do so many musicians get high? Why can't I find PLAYERS
> So sorry, I just had to vent a little.
> Peace. Welcome home! We LOVE YOU!!!