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Re: why pot before looping? *not irrelevant to looping*

In a message dated 5/21/2003 9:04:46 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
cello@zoekeating.com writes:

> How marvelous it must feel to be so right.

It does feel pretty good, actually. It feels right to me.
I thought I'd share my very passionate feelings on the subject
of drugs and creativity. I offended plenty and have rallied
very few. Some call my views extreme, others discount me as 
obviously not knowing what I'm talking about. (Now there's an
example of "feeling" right.) Others accuse me of being a reflex. How 
insulting. I didn't attack anyone per se. Why do you feel justified in 
doing so? Are the drugs affecting you
that much?

Drugs are a prison. And just like in prison, no one is "guilty." If you 
use drugs, you have been seduced and have 
bartered your soul and are possessed by a very invidious demon
who will scorn at any effort or entity that invites release.
I know. I've been there. There's no way out unless you quit.
When I mentioned being a teacher, some instantly assumed 
high school or whatever. Not the case. Talk about knee jerk
and assumptions and whatnot. Universities 
teem with teens who think dope is where it's at. I thought 
drugs were groovy once upon a time, too. I'm in earnest here,
people. I shouldn't be surprised how angry the demon makes
some people, though.

As for Kim and this thread and his anger... I don't see how 
this thread is inappropriate. Last night I sat down to loop,
and I didn't do pot before it. I like exploring the 
deep and powerful places within this human life without
clouding my mind with marajuana, and I would like to find other
musicians who are capable of doing the same, and this is
relevant to this group. Anyone who verbally attacks me can
make arrangements to do so in person. Okay?
My beef is with the drugs and the cartel and the possessors of
the soul. It's a WEED, folks. Like poison ivy. Beware is all
I suggest. Be very wary.