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Re: From Mr. Onion to Me

seems mr. newton was right - for every action, there is an equal and
opposite reaction.

a listserv like Looper's Delight is a great forum for sharing ideas 
and stuff with a community of people.  i love it.
however, after posts start to become back and forth between two people and
directed clearly to eachother, might they best be sent directly to the
interlocutors in question, rather than to the entire list-group?

just a thought.


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From: "Stuart Wyatt" <loopersdelight@solostring.com>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Thursday, May 22, 2003 2:23 PM
Subject: Re: From Mr. Onion to Me

> On Thursday, May 22, 2003, at 06:17  pm, Paulzric@aol.com wrote:
> > This is from a member of this group, sent directly to me...
> > Keep on using my clear thinking looping peer!
> Well, I'll post this directly on the list. I have nothing to hide.
> Even though you did not include the details of the sender Paul, by
> posting their *PRIVATE* email for all the world to see, you have proved
> yourself to be a completely self righteous, uncouth, hypocritical and
> pompous arsehole.
> I agree wholeheartedly with what the person wrote to you, and would
> love to by that person a beer (could you please email me offlist so
> that I can thank you in person... anything you say will be kept
> private).
> Paul - you need to open your mind, stop dictating your narrowminded
> viewpoint, and stop trolling this otherwise peaceful list.
> Why do you feel the need to lecture people about their beliefs just
> because you think that they are wrong?
> Keep your mind closed if that is what you wish, but for fucks sake give
> people the respect for wanting to open theirs.
> - Stuart
> P.S. Kim - sorry for the excess bandwidth. I'll try to paypal you some
> more $$'s once I build up my balance.