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Here's a scary example of what I've received

you are an asshole. you could have made your point and then
kept your mouth shut. but here you are going on again,
condemning people, souring the list and making yourself
look stupid. "If you use drugs, you have been 
seduced and have bartered your soul and are possessed by a
very invidious demon who will scorn at any effort or entity
that invites release." what the hell is this????? do you
not realize that drug users are normal society today? there
are plenty of very successful people who actually use all
sorts of drugs. i don't think hard drugs should be used
recreationally, but you don't hear me making an ass of
myself on loopers-delight. but seriously, there are TONS of
successful pot smokers. laziness can hit anybody-- drug
user or not. you mentioned "manipulating a conversation" to
find out who supports drug use. gee, you are so amazing.
how about "hey class, what do you think about drugs and
legalization??" why not try that kind of manipulation. and
by the way, you could get a class going probably about lots
of other interests as well if you wanted to. so what if
kids like to do drugs. and maybe those kids, overall,
aren't so involved in school. so what. and then you close
your email with a SMILEY FACE??? after basically condemning
half the list???? gee, i hope i have your for a teacher
some day.

p.s. i'm not a drug user

- dylan