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this isn't right. is there something we can do?


i'm on several email lists. i like them. but sometimes
things get out of hand. in other lists i'm on, there's a
couple of activities that have been labelled "crossing the
line." 2 of these activities are (a) going on and on about
a subject when numerous people have requested the thread
get dropped, especially if the thread is full of attacks,
preaching, and repetition. and (b) posting private email to
the list.

paulzric@aol.com has done both of these things. he has
refused to drop a tired subject, even after repeating
himself many times. he has posted numerous one line emails
that clogged up everybody's inboxes and didn't contribute
to the discussion. and he has posted 2 private emails, one
of them even listing my name.

powers that be-- is there something that can be done about
this? i feel this is crossing the line. loopers-delight is
a great community and this is a big smear in it.

i will admit i wrote him a PRIVATE email that was a little
nasty. although not as nasty, i feel, as what he's been
posting to the list. i kept my comments private, between
him and me. his reaction was to: respond to my email (and
get in the last word), then ban my email address, then post
my PRIVATE email to the loopers-delight list including my
name. great way to encourage dialogue.

i feel this is crossing the line, and something should be
done about this. thanks,


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