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My experience with mary jane

     It's kind of interesting that the request is for people to share 
their own experience of pot
smoking when they get into looping.  My sense of Paul's response is that's 
exactly what he was

     Paul wrote:
> Drugs are a prison. And just like in prison, no one
> is "guilty." If you use drugs, you have been seduced
> and have  bartered your soul and are possessed by a very
> invidious demon who will scorn at any effort or entity that invites
> release. I know. I've been there. There's no way out unless
> you quit. 

     Would I be labled an "asshole" if I said that this too is my own 
personal experience?  Paul
speaks directly to my experience with his words.  If I didn't have these 
experiences, I would
probably be calling Paul an asshole with the rest of you.  I have always 
been very accepting of
the choices that other people make about their own lives, how they live 
them, and how they destroy
them.  Pot is just one of the many ways we can enhance or destroy our 
potential.  Partially, we
are in control of our own destiny.  It is my experience that smoking pot 
opens up channels or
doorways where we give up some of that control.  Additionally, it opens up 
other doors that can
help our creativity and potential.  Though I gave up smoking pot about 29 
years ago, I can still
feel what it feels like to be stoned.  And when I listen to music these 
days, I know that I listen
in a way that comes from the "opening up" experience that I obtained from 

     I gained some things when I smoked pot.  I also lost some things.  
Looking back, I would not
do it again.  For me, the losses are incredibly high.  And I don't know if 
I would have ever seen
that if I still smoked occassionally.

     Paul again:
> My beef is with the drugs and the cartel and the possessors of
> the soul. It's a WEED, folks. Like poison ivy.
> Beware is all I suggest. Be very wary.

     This is really very good advice.  He is not telling you that you are 
bad, rather he is saying
be very wary.  This is also my advice.  This is my experience of pot 
within my own life and my
experience of friends and seeing their relationship to music and life and 
love and how much of a
toll that pot takes on these things.

     Paul one more time:
> I shouldn't be surprised how angry the demon
> makes some people, though.

     Actually, I was shocked with how much name calling went on here on 
this list.  It's hard for
me to fathom how much anger Paul's words stirred up among the looper's 
community.  I'm still
trying to wrap my head around this one.  Paul spoke his truth very openly 
and very passionately
and I applaud him for that.  I don't agree with everything that he said, 
though there were moments
of brilliance.  I hope that there is still an openness in people's hearts 
to hear these words
without feeling attacked.

     I hate to see people in jail for smoking or selling pot.  I wish it 
were legalized.  And I
hope that people who see clearly continue to speak their truth without 
fear of backlash.  I myself
am enamoured with the sober state.  I wish to associate with like minded 
people when playing music
(don't we all?).  And I fully accept all my pot smoking friends with open 
arms and an open heart. 
And I for one shall continue to speak my truth.

     In honesty,


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