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Re: Laptop Looping questions

On Friday, May 23, 2003, at 05:55  PM, Aptrev@aol.com wrote:
> it. I have heard that you need a different processing configuration 
> for OS X
> than the old G3 has. Just anecdotal, but in any case, much mac music 
> software

if it's a Pismo (firewre/usb), at 500 mhz, and you have 512 mb of ram, 
it should run OS 10 with no problems whatsoever.

i've been running Jaguar on this machine since it was available as a 
developer release (i'm the alpha tester for a MIDI sequencer), and it 
runs even better in 10 than it did in 9.

no kidding.

of course, i wouldn't load it up with plugins.

it's possible/likely that you may not be able to get the expected 
results with your preferred software with OS10 on a Pismo, but for all 
the basic OS apps and some others (adobe photoshop, illustrator, 
iMovie, so on) it works great. i'll bet Reason probably runs well on 
it, but i don't have a copy to try it with.

i don't look back, i'm pretty happy.
Eric Williamson