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Re: My experience with mary jane

On Friday, May 23, 2003, at 10:48 pm, S V G wrote:

Drugs are a prison. And just like in prison, no one
is "guilty." If you use drugs, you have been seduced
and have bartered your soul and are possessed by a very
invidious demon who will scorn at any effort or entity that invites
release. I know. I've been there. There's no way out unless
you quit.

Would I be labled an "asshole" if I said that this too is my own personal experience? Paul
speaks directly to my experience with his words. If I didn't have these experiences, I would
probably be calling Paul an asshole with the rest of you.

Nobody would label you an arsehole. :) There was something in Pauls response that got a lot of people's backs up. If you read the entire thread, you can see that he was baiting people (trolling), and got what he deserved. I don't like flame wars onlist, and detest name calling, but I'm sorry - he had it coming. He trolled in a very undiplomatic way.

Some people have negative views regarding narcotics. This can be due to a number of reasons:

- It simply does not work for them... no buzz... no inspiration... my girlfriend is a prime example.
- Paranoia. A lot of people don't get high in the same way that others do, and instead, become very paranoid.
- Abuse. Not being able to control the consumation and simply taking too much.
- Psychological problems. Grass can be dangerous if you do not have a strong mind.
- Peer pressure. 'All drugs are bad M'kay?' (believe it or not, that was me until the age of 19!).
- Other drugs/chemicals/alcohol in the system. You can have adverse psychological reactions if you mix.
- Knowing people who have fucked up on drugs.

The list goes on and on.

I think I said quite early on in the thread that I appreciated people's viewpoints and respected them.
What paul did was stand on the pulpit and lecture grown men and women, and pigeonholed the whole lot of us who did not agree with his narrowminded view.

He could have quite simply put across his point of view (as you have done) in a tame, mature and diplomatic manner. There would have been no flame war if he had done so. But now, He had to troll to the extent of posting private emails onlist to stoke the fire, was sarcastic in a very rude way to a number of people, then had the audacity at the same time to write me an apology letter offlist..... sorry... but that was classic trolling.

Anyway, I diverse:

Pot is just one of the many ways we can enhance or destroy our potential. Partially, we
are in control of our own destiny. It is my experience that smoking pot opens up channels or
doorways where we give up some of that control. Additionally, it opens up other doors that canhelp our creativity and potential.

A superb point. It opens doors - at least it does so in me. As for giving up control, it is a balance - as you open up one door, another closes. As you venture out in one direction, another closes. It does enhance and destroy potential. The key word is control, understanding the drug and making sure that you do not abuse it.

I gained some things when I smoked pot. I also lost some things. Looking back, I would not
do it again. For me, the losses are incredibly high. And I don't know if I would have ever seen
that if I still smoked occassionally.

Did you smoke heavily? Or were you just an occasional smoker? I don't know what you lost, and I wont pry into your personal life, but you could say that about any aspect of anyone's life. There are actions and reactions throughout that you can look back on and say 'if I had only done that differently'.... pot smoking is one of them.... breaking up/forming relationships is another... moving too... I'm trying to make a point here, but its hard to put into words :)

Paul spoke his truth very openly and very passionately
and I applaud him for that. I don't agree with everything that he said, though there were moments
of brilliance. I hope that there is still an openness in people's hearts to hear these words
without feeling attacked.

Yes, I did actually read every word he said. But his 10% of brilliance was polluted with 90% of shit. If he had cut out the patronising flames, then he would have had a different response from the list. (In the same way that you are having).

I hate to see people in jail for smoking or selling pot. I wish it were legalized. And I
hope that people who see clearly continue to speak their truth without fear of backlash. I myself
am enamoured with the sober state. I wish to associate with like minded people when playing music
(don't we all?). And I fully accept all my pot smoking friends with open arms and an open heart.
And I for one shall continue to speak my truth.

Thank you :)