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Re: looping and music (was why pot before looping?)

> Aaaggghhh.... its so hard to explain.... Does anyone
> else understand 
> what I'm trying to say? Can anyone word it better
> than I can?

I understand what you are saying, well it's sort of
like the saying "it's not for everyone".  Some
guitarist are "shredder types" that can play a million
notes per second but can't hang playing a simple
sustained blues riff or visa versa -- some people pick
but can't get how to use a slide.

I don't think that seperates Looping from Music, or
loopists from musicians in my opinion though -- it
just separates the capable from the incapable - look
at how many schooled musicians can't improvise because
they don't have the little paper with the black dots
infront of them - but they are still musicians right?
And some are incredible demons at their instruments.

A looper is a EDP - you my friend are a musician :)

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