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Re: looping and music

--- Squid Loop <tentacle_joe@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I am curios as to how many people here consider
> themselves loopers as apposed to a guitarist or
> bassist or percussionist or DJ etc. that
> incorporates loops into their music?

The distinction might be the type of gig. In a
non-looping/full-band type context, I usually play one
instrument all night, but when doing a loop-based
performance (solo or ensemble) I'll often use several
entirely different instruments (guitar, bass, keys,
theremin, kalimba, percussion, flutes, didge, samples,
whatever) within the same piece of music. Some looping
musicians might make the distinction not only because
they're multi-instrumentalists, but because their
performance may also consist largely of
post-processing and manipulation of the loops they've
just created; the notion of a 'guitarist' (or insert
instrument of choice here) usually involves continuous
contact with the instrument throughout the piece. That
definition can be stretched when the player spends as
much or more time tweaking a mixer or processors while
the looping device continues to provide the source
material; the concept of the instrument is extended by
virtue of the use of looping gear, but the point at
which one can say "that's a different instrument" is a
gray area. Andres Segovia's and David Torn's music are
both oriented around the guitar, but their approach is
certainly not the same.


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