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the meaning of loop music

I find it still hard to understand the term loop music
really, does it make me a looper when i lay 4 tracks
bass, drums, organ and rhythm guitar bulid a piece and
solo on top of it, or does it have to be something
that continually evolves within a loop frame like
André does? a lot of lounge bands like Sven Van Hees,
Kruder and dorfmeister or thievery corporation are
also using plenty of loops in their music but their
not being considered as such.Their recognized as
formations who use samplers but there is a lot of
repetition in their music as well.Does this means that
when it starts to be arranged in the typical western
way it isn´t loop music anymore?

--- Squid Loop <tentacle_joe@yahoo.com> wrote:
> --- Douglas Baldwin <coyotelk@optonline.net> wrote:
> > >in a general sense, what is it about the concept
> > > of looping, that speaks to you?  -allows you to
> > express something in
> > > yourself that the idea of music by itself,
> > doesn't?
> > 
> Why do so many people separate looping from music?
> It's just a technique like finger-picking or slide
> guitar and not that big of a deal. Everybody and
> their
> mother is doing it these days :)
> I am curios as to how many people here consider
> themselves loopers as apposed to a guitarist or
> bassist or percussionist or DJ etc. that
> incorporates
> loops into their music?
> I've always found that interesting. Like how some
> people credit themselves as playing Guitar Synth in
> the band when in simple terms you are just the
> Guitarist in the band incorporating a Guitar Synth
> into your rep :)
> I have been guilty myself of using the term looper
> or
> loopist to describe my playing but in the end I am
> just a guitarist and sometimes feel silly using the
> terms.
> Hey at least it's not a pot post :)
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