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Re: the meaning of loop music

That's the nature of semantics. As music evolves due
to changing tastes and new technology, we look for
labels to distinguish it from what came before. I
don't believe that, for example, the label "jazz"
describes one type of music, and we've seen how many,
many types of music are lumped together as
"classical". So a term like "loop music" is going to
be even more ambiguous since it really doesn't attempt
to describe the music per se, but refers to the
equipment used to produce it, and within this
artificial category, musicians vary widely as to how
integral the looping gear really is, as was noted in
the Frisell thread last week.

As an analogy, players of many different styles
(country, rock, techno, pop, etc.) have been known to
use distortion pedals, but it doesn't cause them to be
grouped together as "fuzz box music".


--- Louie Angulo <laab2000us@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I find it still hard to understand the term loop
> music
> really, does it make me a looper when i lay 4 tracks
> bass, drums, organ and rhythm guitar bulid a piece
> and
> solo on top of it, or does it have to be something
> that continually evolves within a loop frame like
> André does...
>.....Does this means that
> when it starts to be arranged in the typical western
> way it isn´t loop music anymore?

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