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Re: looping and music

--- Stuart Wyatt <loopersdelight@solostring.com>
> I am a looper first, and a violinist second.
> Technically, I am not 
> actually that gifted a player....my style sucks when
> you compare me with a real pro.... 
> Aaaggghhh.... its so hard to explain.... Does anyone
> else understand what I'm trying to say?

I think so; in my last post, I listed several
instruments that I loop as a reason why it's easier to
describe myself as a looper than to try to list what I
might be looping that particular night. Among the
instruments on the list, my technical proficiency
varies greatly. While I can play some of the
instruments well enough in a conventional, non-loop
setting, my use of, say, the Boehm flute is greatly
dependent on playing very simple parts layered as a
loop bed, mostly long, sustained notes. Anyone who
*really* knows how to play the flute would definitely
not be impressed by my 'naked' playing, but I've had
quite a few compliments from genuine flautists on my
*looped* flute playing, and when they've asked me to
show them how to do it, I can attest to your
experience that looping can (at least at first) be
counterintuitive to someone who's spent time
developing conventional technique.

Ther've been a couple of times where I've felt a kind
of guilty satisfaction when a classically-trained
musician has tried out my rig and discovered that it's
not as easy as they think!


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