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Re: Dig if u will my research paper

At 10:19 AM 5/27/2003, Matthias Grob wrote:
>Kim said, after a lot more good stuff:
>>Yet, when somebody hands me their cd and tells me they are a looper and 
>>they want me to hear their looping music, I still have absolutely no 
>>what it will sound like! The stylistic results people come up with when 
>>using looping are all over the map.
>I certainly can understand your questioning Kim!

so maybe I can get some answers to them?

>but its somehow like saying that "american" is a useless term

I didn't follow that example, sorry, it didn't seem to relate neatly. 
Wouldn't it be simpler to directly respond instead of bringing up 
tangential examples?

>What matters is that the world gets an ida about what LiveLooping is 

so when they want to know what it sounds like, what are you going to tell 

>And for this, its usefull that we use the same term when we use the 
>technical process as defined pretty exactly by now, so with time everyone 
>get a feeling for what can come out of it.

is it useful? That's exactly what I've been saying is so confusing. Why do 
listeners care what the technical process is?

>>So when you try to claim Live Looping as a genre, I'm still lost as to 
>>what you are talking about.
>and if you hear "jazz", you know?

yes. I'm not yet so great at identifying all the sub-genres, and I'm not 
anal as Wynton, but overall, yes.

>>I really don't see how regular music listeners can understand it either.
>right, we need to try to show them.

Well, it is music so they should hear it rather than see it. So what 
exactly is it that they will hear? How will they understand it?

>>Certainly you can explain to them about the looping techniques and 
>>devices the musicians are using, and maybe they will find that a bit 
>>interesting in an educational way.
>very true, we have that all on LD.

which would be completely boring to most non-musician listeners, that was 
the point there.

>>But that isn't describing the music, and ultimately people go to listen 
>>to music not the musician's technique.
>Thats what we want to start LiveLooping.com for.

The point was, that describing something by the technique used will not 
help promote, only confuse. Is that not so?

how is your website going to solve any of this if you can't articulate it 


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