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Re: LIVE LOOPING: a definition

At 11:05 AM 5/28/2003, Rick Walker/Loop.pooL wrote:
>The overall feeling of those two days was one of strong community.  Not
>everyone who attended felt it (obviously from Kim's posts)

Where did you get that from my posts?

I think we have a great virtual community of musicians into looping here 
LD. Those Loop Festival events are a great real world extension of that 
online community. I also had a lot of fun at them and felt a great sense 
community there. Musicians gather, talk shop, put real faces on the email 
address, hear people play, etc. Great!

But it was all about the musicians. That's who the community was. What I'm 
not understanding is how those events are a useful promotional tool to 
potential audiences that are not also players. The marketing strategy does 
not make sense to me. So I'm asking questions about it, but not getting 
many satisfying answers.


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