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dead looping?

Jim Fowler wrote:

"by the way, what's the other type of looping?  dead looping?"

Actually, I came up with that term specifically to help journalists
between the kind of sample looping that has been prevalent in modern pop
music since
the advent of 'break beats' and hip hop. It has been useful merely as a
and a marketing tool to try and get people to our shows.


Just to go on record,   I have always referred to what we do as movement of
diverse artists who basically have hardware and software looping
capabilities in their
live performances and a since of community.

I personally advocate that people NOT refer to Live Looping as a style or a
genre because that is just not accurate.  I will encourage the folks at
LIVELOOPING.com to change those
semantics in the spirit of accuracy.

We are a bunch of loopers who feel that Live Looping describes what we do

We have been having a really good time.

We have not been advocation genocide or lampshade making for other loopers
who don't feel
like being defined by what we are doing.

Let's lighten up and get back to looping, shall we?