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RE: 1st Loop Workaround in Ableton's LIVE 4.0

> can't copy the mod parameters?

>ah. you are getting far more into it than i am.

The problem was, I needed those mod parameters for expressive keyboard
control early in my experience with the Z8, and I wanted to setup
multiple programs with different electric piano sounds and pads, but I
wanted the keyboard to be acting consistently across these different
programs (getting back to the 'actually playing an instrument'
idea...consistency!).  So, I figured I'd setup some mod parameters I
liked on one program, then copy them to the other programs, replace the
sample set and keygroups and off I'd go.  Then my nose got bloody from
hitting the wall too quickly.

>i lost my interest in the mod routings when i saw there was no way to 
modulate loop points in real time.

Ahhh...see, I didn't even go there.  All my sounds were essentially
pre-built 'sound module' kindof sounds from sample discs.  The few
homebrewed 'samples' I had on there (from old radio shows) were all
tidied up in Wavelab before they were transferred to the Z8.

>one of my favourite things to do is leave the s/pdif from the PCM80 (my

looper) plugged into the Akai to capture any loop i want to save for 
later. it is a bit more trouble than saving loops with the Repeater, 
but it's not _that_ hard. having the PS/2 keyboard plugged in also 
makes a big difference.

Now, see?  That's why this list is so addictive!  You have just inspired
me to pull that Z8 out again and enlist a PS/2 keyboard that is
collecting dust, and capture some loops from my other loopers on it!  I
think that may be my next paradigm with the Z8...treating it as a
'sampler' more than a sound module...

...wait...no takers on it yet?  Haha...