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Re: EH 16 second manual online...

The original was digital too,used dynamic rams,ad and da converters...
The modern one seems to use non volatile static ram.
The zvex loop junkie uses no bucket brigade,but a different technology,
the ISD family chips that can store non volatile cells of analog 
values,well it works like a bbd...
The new Eh16 looks like a completely different machine than the old from 

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--- <stanitarium@earthlink.net> wrote:
hmmm...veddee interestink.
i'm not sure just by holding the loop info even when turned off denotes
digital(i could be wrong and i'll eat a bug).
for instance the <lofi loop junkee> is analog and yet holds its info
fo'ever.(if i'm readin it rite :-)


> from the link legion sent:
> "after recording a loop, the 16 Second will automatically save the loop 
> its Magna Storage and keep it there. You can turn the power off, come 
> the next day and Play or Overdub the loop as if you never turned the 16
> Second off."
> This simple statement says to me that it can't be the original
> bucket-brigade analog delay, but rather a digital recreation/simulation 
> it.
> Jon

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