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RE: Review of Boss RC-20XL


Hey, GREAT clips on your website!  If you're still in
Montreal, you should go to the International Folk
Alliance meeting there in February...

Yea, I doubt there's anyway to "upgrade" to the XL,
apart from selling your RC20 on Ebay...

>  When I get to the end of the first layer of the
> I like to to start recording the 2nd layer
> immediately, without missing a beat. The RC-20 can't
> do that. You have to hit the left pedal once to stop

> recording, and hit it again to resume
> recording. How stupid is that?

On the XL, it'll start recording the next phrase
without you having to do ANYTHING.  I actually will
have to get used to this, because sometimes I forget
where my loop "ends" and I end up overdubbing more
than I wanted to (rather than just soloing..)

>       2. The foot pedals have too much travel and require
> too much pressure,

I actually like the footpedals -- they've got the
standard Boss springs...
  Now, at least on my RC-20XL, this means that they
also have little screws on them, so you should be able
to adjust the "travel" distance by depressing the
pedal MOST of the way down, and then tighten the
screw.  Haven't tried this yet on this particular
unit, but I have with other Boss pedals.

>       3. I find the sound quality of the RC-20 to be less
> good than the
> Boomerang.

Yea, apparently it's made to be used with crappy
guitar amps!
I haven't noticed any problem with the sound quality,
but then again I'm using a crappy guitar amp that I
once ran over with my car... i.e., everything sounds
bad so I'm used to it.  (I borrow my drummer's amp
when I play out!)


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