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Rewire Live / Logic 7 question


Quick question:

When you're Rewiring your tracks from Live to Logic 7, how do you get
the Rewire audio converted into a regular audio file?

Trying to create an efficient template for this. 

I thought Live would render each track individually but apparently it
won't (I know its easy to solo each track and bounce, but am looking for
the most efficient way)

I was thinking of creating one audio object per Rewire channel, so I
could create audio tracks right away. I just want to convert my Arrange
tracks from Live into Logic tracks in one go if possible.

As always you're help is appreciated. 


PS I'm tired of posting to the Logic group and not having my questions

PSS. If you'd like, I'd love to hear how you're faring with Numerology
looping, etc.  I just did a track in Logic using Numerology midi stream
slaved to Logic clock, having it play a Sculpture track. Just wonderful!

PSSS I just scored the Spectral Relativity and Kaleidoscope IRs since
the patches for SD were made available. Incredible! This is the main
reason I want to get my Live pieces into Logic.