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Re: Rewire Live / Logic 7 question

On Nov 20, 2004, at 0:42, Neil Goldstein wrote:

> Per
> Quick question:
> When you're Rewiring your tracks from Live to Logic 7, how do you get
> the Rewire audio converted into a regular audio file?

I don't. I simply stream it into the Logic mixer via rewire objects (or 
does Emagic call them "channels"... or "rewire busses"? Don't know but 
you get the picture)

> I thought Live would render each track individually but apparently it
> won't (I know its easy to solo each track and bounce, but am looking 
> for
> the most efficient way)

The first two rewire channels are always the master left and right from 
the sending rewire application. Then follows the rest of the rewire 
channels. In Live you set the output to control on which rewire channel 
they will appear into Logic.

> I was thinking of creating one audio object per Rewire channel, so I
> could create audio tracks right away. I just want to convert my Arrange
> tracks from Live into Logic tracks in one go if possible.

You can always bounce in Logic. Bounce only one rewire channel and 
import it. Then you will have the Live track as an audi file/track in 
Logic. But maybe there is more efficient methods in Logic 7; thinking 
about the new "convert to audio file" command. I'm not in a phase to do 
rewire bouncing from Live in L7 yet so I really don't know. maybe I'll 
never do it. Depends.

> PS I'm tired of posting to the Logic group and not having my questions
> answered!

I see what you mean ;-)  It's ten thousand something more members now 
than when I joined that mailing list.

> PSS. If you'd like, I'd love to hear how you're faring with Numerology
> looping, etc.  I just did a track in Logic using Numerology midi stream
> slaved to Logic clock, having it play a Sculpture track. Just 
> wonderful!

..."faring" was a new word for me ;-)  An old English word? My main 
interest is to loop audi i Numerology only (on pair with my EDP, of 
course). But I've fooled around a little bit with streaming midi from 
Num into Logic. That's very powerful. The arpeggiator in Logic is 
pretty lousy compared with what you can do in Num. And yes, Sculpture 
is truly awesome! The pieces I like most with Logic 7 is the Guitar Amp 
Pro (for the best sound to be recorded you have to put it on the Input 
object instead of the Track as Apple did in their bundled presets for 
Channel Strips) and the Controller Assignment. At last Logic got midi 
learn! Yesterday I patched my FCB1010 to trig looping into Logics Tape 
Delay (yes, it now has a Freeze Loop button!) I also put Pitch Shifters 
after the Tape Delays and programmed the Controle Assignement to shift 
the loops a whole note up or down by pressing FCB foot buttons. Seems 
you can't set a fixed value for the pitch shifting, but whole note 
scales are not bad :-)

> PSSS I just scored the Spectral Relativity and Kaleidoscope IRs since
> the patches for SD were made available. Incredible! This is the main
> reason I want to get my Live pieces into Logic.

Yeah, I too bought them both ;-)   Now I'm about to make Impluse 
Responses of some Eventide Eclipse patches I like, before I have to 
return that machine.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
http://www.looproom.com (international)
http://www.boysen.se (Swedish site)