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RE: Loops curative/restful powers

I've done a lot of live looping with dancers, and my experience is that 
they don't really *listen* to the music, it just happens while they do 
their thing.  Really.  Maybe they're responding to it on some 
subconscious level.  I've gotten the impression that asking a modern 
dancer to synchronize to music is received with the same enthusiasm 
you'd encounter when asking a poet to write something that rhymes.

This is not intended as a slight on dancers.  Or poets.

I also did a live soundtrack to a silent movie (Aelita: Queen Of Mars) 
that featured a lot of looping, in a trio context.  It was a tremendous 
amount of work.


 >Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 08:04:30 -0700
 >From: "Krispen Hartung" <info@krispenhartung.com>
 >To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
 >Subject: RE: Loops curative/restful powers

 >I think an interesting, and experimental loop music/dance production
 >would be play a loop, have a modern dancer come out and dance in sync 
 >the part and continue to loop that dance part...then you layer another
 >loop part, and another dancer comes out to dance in sync to that as
 >well...and so on until a soundscape of loops is created with several
 >dancers doing their "dance loops"...a union of musical and modern dance
 >looped choreography.