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RE: Loops curative/restful powers

I see your point. I guess we're not talking about Janet Jackson
choreographing her moves to one of her songs.

Of course, the dance wouldn't require perfect syncing with the music.
It's just the idea of parallel dance/music loops that intrigued
me....they can complement each other without being in perfect sync
rhythmically.  Hell, I exhibit looped behavior constantly...each
morning, I roboticially get up, make a cup of Chai, and walk down to my
home office to start the day.  It's like freakin' groundhog day with
Bill Murray.  That isn't so artistic!  :)


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I've done a lot of live looping with dancers, and my experience is that 
they don't really *listen* to the music, it just happens while they do 
their thing.  Really.  Maybe they're responding to it on some 
subconscious level.  I've gotten the impression that asking a modern 
dancer to synchronize to music is received with the same enthusiasm 
you'd encounter when asking a poet to write something that rhymes.

This is not intended as a slight on dancers.  Or poets.

I also did a live soundtrack to a silent movie (Aelita: Queen Of Mars) 
that featured a lot of looping, in a trio context.  It was a tremendous 
amount of work.


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 >I think an interesting, and experimental loop music/dance production
>would be play a loop, have a modern dancer come out and dance in sync 
 >the part and continue to loop that dance part...then you layer another
>loop part, and another dancer comes out to dance in sync to that as
>well...and so on until a soundscape of loops is created with several
>dancers doing their "dance loops"...a union of musical and modern dance
>looped choreography.