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Re: Robert Fripp's Radiophonics and A Blessing of Tears

Actually one of the things that attracted me to the
guitar synth was guitar boredom.There was a time where
i just wasnīt attracted to anymore records that had
guitar masturbation in it; the whole macho shred, the
alternative wannabies,the jazz eternal improvisors and
the hendrix imitators just got me thinking: jesus is
there an empty corner out there i can go to?
then i discover Fripp and Belew and they caught my eye
because their guitar playing sounded very unguitar and
i didnīt know how to label their playing.(in fact this
guys are mentioned often in this forum even though
they play synths)I found out there were using synths
and unusual gadgets and so i went from using a simple
amp,guitar and cable to using g.synths,efx
proccesors,loopers, mixers and stereo speakers.
Now i do gigs where i am maybe required to just play
steel string acoustic,or a nylon string,or an amp and
cable or solo gigs where i use all of this stuff
including the guitar synth.The conclusion ive come is
to treat them all as different animals,they are all
fun if you tweak them,after all thats what they are
for,not to play the presets they come with.I use a
roland gr 33 and from the 400 sounds ive noticed i
only use 4 or 5 of them,so obviously i react to
certain sounds.I also go through gigs where i donīt
use it at all and there there are times where i use it
a lot.
But it could be said that guitarrists like to get
their hands on stone and cement,i for one even though
i play the synth i cannot go too long without getting
my hands dirty as well.Could it be partly
psychological or are we like auto repairmen?

--- Suit & Tie Guy <erwill@suitandtieguy.com> wrote:

> On Nov 27, 2004, at 4:07 PM, delighted.looper wrote:
> >>> btw, you seem to be echoing alot of comments in
> reviews of G3 shows 
> >>> this summer:
> >>>
> >> I don't even want to look. Those comments are
> coming from a
> >> someone who would go to a G3 show.
> > But you are >so< missing out!
> > I quote:
> > "I would say skip Fripp. This is not of the same
> size as Vai and 
> > Satch. The audience also was dissappointed with
> him and we could not 
> > get warmed up, most of the people got bored with
> it. But when Steve 
> > came onstage with the tripleneck-Jem it couldn't
> be better!!That 
> > cleared up everything!"
> this summer when i was reading through those reviews
> i just about 
> destroyed my large intestine laughing at that
> particular review.
> i'm waiting for the follow up, when Rick Nielson
> comes out with the 
> 6-necked guitar and REALLY shows them all how to
> play.
> and in case you're wondering, i did very much enjoy
> seeing Steve play 
> that 3 neck guitar piece (it's on a G3 video a
> friend has). that 
> doesn't make the comment any less funny.
> ---
> Eric Williamson
> www.suitandtieguy.com


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