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Re: (To Synth or not to Synth)

.... not alone in prefering synth tones and patches that aremore organic 
But NOT when it's a badimitation of an acoustic instrument. Many of the
clichéd early 80's digi-synth sounds really rub me the
wrong way.

  I want synths for making sounds I can't make acoustically. Though I love 
sampling "natural" sounds and decontextualizing them. I always felt it was 
unfortunate that commercial synth were almost all keyboard controllers,and 
usually locked into 12 tone tempered scales-even when playing other scales 
one was/is still locked into keyboard technique,or lack thereof in my 
( being able to tweak touch response etc is  nice though) I'm really glad 
this has finally changed,and there are so many interesting options for 
controllers and processors.One can now do synthesis  in a much broader