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Belew RE: fahey/andre's edp vid (dvd) demo?

Torn's PWG videos were very droll and cool to watch.
Speaking of old instuctional videos, Belew's 20-year-old video is both genuinely educational and hugely entertaining.
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Subject: fahey/andre's edp vid (dvd) demo?

the fahey album he did w/ cul de sac called 'womblife' is supposed to be
his "electronic experimental album", i tried finding it about 2 yrs ago, and didn't
have much luck.
i did get his "atlanta stomps, something struts (can't remember exact title) and i think
it is a good album. i think he does a good job of applying his acoustic chops to electric guitar.
he plays so cleanly and does add echo, etc, makes for some interesting stuff i think.
his live concerts where supposed to be "quite the experience", since at times he could be
moody, etc due to all the things he went through, he was not a "people pleaser" from some of the reviews i've seen. but i think  the cd is good.
i also have his last official release before he died (hitomi), and it is an exploration of heavy
echo and short delay, and again it sounds like very clean electric guitar, also a good album.
i could see that if you are a fan of his acoustic playing from his early career, you may not favor his late stuff. but i think it shows that he didn't want to be stagnant, and tried to push on and experiment.
i think it would be a bummer if the video footage that was shot of andre's edp explorations from '02 just sat. think of it as a "document", it doesn't have to be the "perfect document" or the end all/be all. sort of like what i think of the d. torn "painting w/ guitar" vids from '93. it just documents where DT was then w/ his gear/technique, and demoing a small bit of what he did w/ looping. i'm sure DT probably doesn't sit and watch it, but it is a great tool for loopers (i've watched it a zillion times), even if it's 12 yrs old. i wouldn't expect what andre does now to be the same as '02, but what a great opportunity for others to see as a learning tool. guess i cast my one measly vote for '02 footage to see light of day....

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