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Re: New Toys, New Noise

--- Tony K <bigtony@softhome.net> wrote:
>Next up is
> routing the loopy bits 
> though a vocoder triggered with a mandolin...  
> wheeeee.

That sounds FUN.  I used to run my drum machine
through the Electrix Vocodor with great results.

> > Other than that, really nice.  Very
> > Namlook/Laswellesque.
> Hmm.. Haven't heard them.  I'm surfing around
> listening to some clips. 
> Sounds like good company to be in.
> Oddly enough, most of what I listen to on a regular
> basis isn't 
> loop/ambient/soundscapey stuff.  I go for
> progressive/metal/rock.

I started listening to progressive stuff via people
like Fripp, and found Bill Laswell because he did
stuff with Brian Eno (On Land).  Some of his stuff
(Praxis) IS totally progressive/jazz/metal.  Check out
the first Praxis album, I bet you'll love it.  After
Praxis I bought his Cymatic Scan disc and I was
hooked.  There's a lot of good stuff (looping and non
looping) from this man.