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Re: Digitech JamMan???

If I sit and think for a while, I'll be able to recall a local-level
vocalist who brings their own microphone to a gig.  But I'd have to
think for a while.

The idea that there's more people with mics looking for a looper than
instrumentalists who need MIDI sync is symptomatic of the depth of
market research utilised by the typical looper manufacturer.

On 5/8/05, Mech <mech@m3ch.net> wrote:

> Looks like mono with 1/4" unbalanced and a single XLR input, so that they
> can cater to the vocalist community as well; one 1/4" unbalanced on the
> output.  As you said Travis, there's not a whole lot of real estate
> available there.  I guess I can understand the business decision to use 
> space to make inroads with musicians who use mics or micced instruments
> instead.  But being a MIDI geek, I'd just as soon see MIDI sync on there