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Re: Digitech JamMan???

At 10:37 AM 5/8/2005, Travis Hartnett wrote:

>The idea that there's more people with mics looking for a looper than
>instrumentalists who need MIDI sync is symptomatic of the depth of
>market research utilised by the typical looper manufacturer.

Overall, I'd agree.  I'm just trying to get inside Digitech's head and 
figure out where they're coming from.  One other thing to consider is that 
they've been quite successful with their Vocalist line of effects.  In 
fact, I think they just brought out another stompbox model to go up 
the new one from TC Helicon.

So, they know vocalists and their market.  Or, at least, they know they've 
got a dedicated user base of vocalists/acoustic-instrumentalists that use 
their products.  They probably know next-to-nothing about MIDI 
instrumentalists, especially in regard to stompboxes (rack-mount, they've 
got some pretty decent MIDI spec built in on a few of 'em).  They're 
probably just sticking with their comfort zone.

Digitech are also infamous for reusing parts of their technology in other 
devices.  Their whole RP-series stomp lineup is merely the same chip with 
more functionality brought out on every successive model.  If the Jamman 
does well, quite possibly they'll follow up with a Jamman+.  Maybe that 
model will spec in MIDI.

Like you, I'd much rather see MIDI in there too.  But, assuming you take 
out the hardcore EDP and Repeater users here in the LD group, how many of 
those left are happily using hardware looping devices that don't support 
MIDI?  Probably a lot.  I'd guess that, unfortunately, those of us who 
heavily on MIDI sync are probably outnumbered by those who could care 
even in our own forum.

Thus, I can't really blame Digitech for trying to go after a "bird in the 
hand" so to speak -- even if they didn't do enough research on the market 
before going for product release.  For all we know, the possibility to 
leverage the Vocalist userbase may have been the pitch Product Management 
had to make in order to even get the darn thing built in the first place.

I dunno.  Like I said, I may not like it, but it doesn't come *completely* 
out of left field for me.


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