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USB / MIDI Keyboard Controllers

Greets folks,

Since my beloved Juno-106 is in storage and I've begun a phase of 
composition that will soon require keyboard as opposed to guitar/querty 
input, I will be soon in the market for a MIDI keyboard controller.  Or 

A scan of eBay shows a variety of MIDI and USB/MIDI keyboards, a few of 
which are intriguing-looking (example being the Roland PC-180), but given 
the comments people on this list have made regarding USB delays I thought 
should ask before jumping in.

What I want in a keyboard controller:
* MIDI / Soundfont controllability
* Compatibility with packages like Cakewalk and Fruity Loops
* Velocity-sensing
* Pitch-bend/Controller stick/wheel
* Full-size keys (not like the minis Yamaha made)
* Used (and therefore cheaper)
* Small footprint (two octaves?)

Of course the last item isn't manditory but it would be nice. 
Recommendations offlist if you think it's not appropriate.  Thanks!

Stephen Goodman
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