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Warming up to looping.

Last night my weekly rehearsal was canceled, so I spent the evening playing with my DD-20 instead.
For the first 15 minutes or so, I was convinced that I'd be selling it and not looking back. I was still in the rut of playing something into it, then layering something over that and then something over THAT and then just soloing over the results. That sort of works like an on the fly recording session and I could do better work just multi tracking. That might be right for some but not for me.
However, after a while I started to get used to starting and stopping it when I was just chugging along. Even hooked up with all of my keyboards going through it I would just "kick" the pedal and capture a couple of bars and then take things in another direction with the last phrase or two looping under me.
At first this was cacophonous and again I was discouraged and seriously contemplating a liquidation.
But after a while I was able to dovetail new phrases over old ones (bass lines, chords leadlines and all).
NOW I was making music!
I think that after a few weeks more of noodling around I'll be able to take this on the road.
Thanks loop group!