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Re: Warming up to looping.

In a message dated 5/13/05 8:36:54 AM, RobotFan@aol.com writes:

At first this was cacophonous and again I was discouraged and seriously contemplating a liquidation.


But after a while I was able to dovetail new phrases over old ones (bass lines, chords leadlines and all).


NOW I was making music!

carl.....i most humbly think that you have to spend a little time with a tool such as a looper.....almost every "box"  i ever bought, i wanted it so badly, got it and hated it, played more with it and it was always a happy investment.....give it a little more time (it's FREE).....LOOPADDICTION.....i'm just learning to use "silence" in my loops.....have fun.....i am!.....mic