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RE: Live Looping Sequencer

Title: RE: Live Looping Sequencer

this is as near as I've seen/used to a "midi-looper"; I have two of these now, & would not be parted from them:

in one of it's three "live-record" modes, it can loop-record a monophonic keyboard line.... not very exciting, you might think, but you can create all manner of dependencies within the thing so that the "live" part affects stuff on the other tracks.

you can create chord sequences by using offset note events; these might not even be in the same track that you're recording into....

the whole thing is designed to be "programmed" ("interfered with" more like...) while it's running, & gives you the option to save any changes you make or abandon them & return to what was previously stored.

&, importantly, it has force-to-scale. this is global, & there are a number of preset & user-programmable scales, but can be defeated on a pattern-by-pattern basis (or note-by-note, in fact) for drums &c.

all note events can have various attributes randomised &/or influenced by what's happening on other tracks or the midi input, & there are accumulators & masks that alter things depending how long the thing's been running.

I've had my first one of these for six months or so, & still feel like I'm several hundred yards away from the iceberg, never mind any notion of how much of it is undiscovered.

one of the "superusers", paul nagle (an accomplished electronic musician & writer) has written an alternative users' guide which sits nicely with the proper manual & the updates history in the files section of the beast's own yahoo group. the designer is on the list, & responds generously to any enhancements suggested by list members, besides having many of his own to offer. so the software updates are frequent & genuinely useful. there are also mp3's & even bits of video demonstrating the device.

I can't possibly do it justice here.

one trick I do a lot is to have a track in arpeggio-record mode but muted, & running in random. other tracks will poach some of their notes (again, randomly) from this track, while the keyboard that's recording into it also goes sailing straight through the sequencer to play chords from a module. so I'm playing chords, & the sequencer is playing a mixture of preset notes & notes that are related, but only just, to the chords I'm playing.

sort of a semi-random auto-accomp.

now, if I could work out how to map note events onto PC's, I could get it to drive my repeaters too.....

fwiw, my band also has two jam-mans, two repeaters, two line-6 dl4's, a notron sequencer, two doepfer maq 16/3 sequencers & a doepfer schaltwerk. this last has been relegated to lightshow-duty. :-)


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I would suggest also looking at manuals of existing loopers:

and looking at software loopers around:

Web interface nuisance:
GMX allows to connect to their mail accounts also via SMTP / POP. Check
their website how to configure your mailclient.


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> Hi!
> New to this list, I'm Thorsten Wilms and currently working on my
> industrial
> design diploma. My topic is a hardware sequencer for live use and
> improvisation.
> I defined sequencer like this:
> - A sequencer is a device for recording and playback of signals with the
> possibility to arrange several recordings.
> Optionaly recordings can be edited.
> - Recording can happen in realtime, step-wise or alternatively through
> programming.
> - The Signal can be audio or control data (like MIDI).
> - To arrange refers to repeating, putting into sequence and layering of
> recordings.
> The live and improvisation aspects led me to looping gear, so my sequencer
> will be more of a live looper, just most likely with emphasizing putting
> things into sequence and with audio and midi capabilities.
> I would appreciate any and all input, but I'm especialy interested in:
> - the equipment used with loopers, routing setups
> - common problems (especialy on stage)
> - things no device does quite right / missing features
> - what is realy important for looping gear
> BTW, I have to use another webmail provider, because mails sent over my
> prefered one (smtp: mx.freenet.de) to subscribe to this list had no effect
> at all. Same for mail to the listmanager. Now i have to use a web
> interface
> instead of Mutt ... help to resolve this issue would be welcome.
> Looking forward,
> Thorsten Wilms
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