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Re: Free Looper coming with Tiger!

On May 17, 2005, at 9:29, Per Boysen wrote:

> .....ou set one part to reverse mode everything you record is  
> coming back reversed, way cool!
> Recording mode can be set to Insert, Overdub or

...Replace mode (sorry, I hit the send button too early by mistake).

I was not able to overdub record - the EDP way - by adding layers in  
a sound-on-sound like way. Maybe the term "Overdub" has a different  
meaning for Apple? Or I might have missed something. Will do some  
more tests here.

Anyway, the things I like right away are the reverse recording, the  
pitch transpose and also the Resync button (lining it all up in sync  
after mangling loops with reverse and pitch). You can have a lot of  
fun with only those functions. I have only tried it on a dual G5 but  
will also try it on a 1,25 MHz Powerbook. YOu always have to be  
careful to not run out of CPU power with those powerbooks ;-)

/ per