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Re: Free Looper coming with Tiger!

i installed Xcode Tools but when i try to load Looper.trak it says
"document couldn't be loaded because it countains the following audio
units that cannot be found: CoreAudio AULooper"
can i lauch it from Live or Cubase?
any idea?

thank you


> On May 17, 2005, at 9:29, Per Boysen wrote:
>> .....ou set one part to reverse mode everything you record is
>> coming back reversed, way cool!
>> Recording mode can be set to Insert, Overdub or
> ...Replace mode (sorry, I hit the send button too early by mistake).
> I was not able to overdub record - the EDP way - by adding layers in
> a sound-on-sound like way. Maybe the term "Overdub" has a different
> meaning for Apple? Or I might have missed something. Will do some
> more tests here.
> Anyway, the things I like right away are the reverse recording, the
> pitch transpose and also the Resync button (lining it all up in sync
> after mangling loops with reverse and pitch). You can have a lot of
> fun with only those functions. I have only tried it on a dual G5 but
> will also try it on a 1,25 MHz Powerbook. YOu always have to be
> careful to not run out of CPU power with those powerbooks ;-)
> / per