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Re: Wah-ever...

I have gotten a lot of reccomendations for the Snarling Dogs
Whine-o-wah. however apparently there are *serious* issues regarding the
reliability and build quality of these. Harmony Central has more horror
stories on this than any other pedal for reliability and a local friend
said the wah he got (not the whine-o) fell apart constantly. Everything
from the chassis bending to the stomp switch breaking when you step on it
(good god!) to the knobs feeling cheap and loosening up.  I saw one review
that said the company was sold and is doing better but still more said it

I see that there seems to be a Whine-O and a Whine-O + but can't find out
what the difference is (most stores don't list the "+" and neither does
the web site) What's the difference in these models (if any I suppose)?

Anyone here have any experiences with the Snarling Dogs wah pedals ?

Thanks again for any clarification!

>>I'm looking to get a nice sounding wah-wah pedal. This would mostly be
for greasy overdrive guitar playing (etc)
>Have a listen to the most recent two Jeff Beck albums ('You Had It
Coming' and 'Jeff'); that's the Snarling
>Dogs Whine-O Wah. Beck confesses to being so smitten with the tone when
he first got it that he waaaay over-used it. I like how he can make it
sound like an overdriven blues harp...

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