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Re: Re: surround looping

Regarding the 10.2 and the 16.8.1, I have to ask a potentially stupid 

I was always under the impression (having it read it many times) that
the low frequencies for which a subwoofer is designed to reproduce are
not 'directional'. By that, I mean (in case my terminology is off
[likely]) that one cannot determine the direction from which the low
frequencies came, or rather one cannot 'locate' the source of the low
frequencies. If that's the case, why would one need more than one
subwoofer? Is it a matter of power-distribution (like a 4x12 cab or a
16x5 cab like some of the Phil Jones Bass cabs)?

Just curious,

Jon Southwood

On 5/20/05, Richard Zvonar <zvonar@zvonar.com> wrote:
> 6.1, 7.1, 10.2 etc.  A friend of mine is even designing a system he
> refers to as 16.8.1, which means 16 full-range, eight subwoofers, and
> one sub-subwoofer.