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Re: Re: surround looping

At 1:14 PM -0500 5/20/05, Jon Southwood wrote:
>Regarding the 10.2 and the 16.8.1, I have to ask a potentially 
>stupid question:
>I was always under the impression (having it read it many times) that
>the low frequencies for which a subwoofer is designed to reproduce are
>not 'directional'. By that, I mean (in case my terminology is off
>[likely]) that one cannot determine the direction from which the low
>frequencies came, or rather one cannot 'locate' the source of the low

I don't agree with this "truism" about bass having no directionality. 
It's simply more difficult to localize bass frequencies, but given 
that you hear bass with your whole body I think you can perceive 
where different bass sounds are coming from.

In a complex system with many speakers I think it works pretty well 
to use multiple subs. This is especially true in a listening 
environment such as a club where the audience is free to circulate.

Also be aware that in a specialized setup the crossover frequency 
could be tweaked to suit the combination of speakers and architecture.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202